Attention! Act Now and Transform Preregistrations into Registrations

Act now and convert your preregistrations into registrations by the end of this year. That’s the only way to ensure a continued ability to market your chemical products. If you miss the deadline, you risk the possibility of competitive disadvantages.  

To be able to market a substance in quantities of greater than one ton per year after the deadline, you must submit an inquiry to the ECHA before the registration. You must do so in an electronic inquiry dossier, which involves a great deal of effort and expense.  

You are specifically obligated to state the identity of the chemical exactly. In other words, you must describe the imported or manufactured chemical unambiguously. To do so, the product must undergo chemical analysis. The ECHA has published helpful guidelines for creation of the dossier.  

Based on the inquiry, the ECHA determines if the chemical has already been registered and if the identity information is correct. These determinations can take some time. You must wait for the ECHA to reply and start your registration only after you receive the inquiry number.  

That’s why you should contact us as soon as possible so that we can help you take the required steps.  

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