Biocidal Products Regulation: Orientation Aids for Active Substances Generated in Situ

To assist with orientation, the EU agencies responsible for biocides have published a list of active substances generated in situ and substances that trigger them. The substances are a constitutive part of the inspection program. The document clarifies how to identify and name active substances generated in situ.

Substances generated in situ are those that appear only at the place of use from one or more precursors. The Biocidal Products Regulation defines as biocidal products those substances or mixtures that are brought to market to generate active substances.

The deciding factor is that the precursor or active substance corresponds to the specification of the precursor or to the active substance given in the approval of the substance. Providers of precursors for active substances generated in situ – along with other participants in the EU inspection program for old active ingredients – are subject to the requirements of Article 95 of the Biocidal Products Regulation. Accordingly, these providers must, as of September 1, 2015, appear in the ECHA list of active substances and suppliers.

The document CA-March15-Doc.5.1–Final–Substances generated in situ.doc can be downloaded here. In case you’re not transferred automatically, please follow the path:
Click in main menu “Browse categories”; select category “European Commission – Health and Food Safety“; click under Public access “Biocides – Regulation 528/2012 – Public“; click in main menu “Library”; select folder “Documents finalised at CA meetings“.

If you have any question about active ingredients generated in situ, please contact us at any time.

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