China: New Guidelines for Assessment of Environmental Exposures

At the end of November, the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) issued new guidelines (Chinese only) for the assessment of environmental exposure. The guidelines describe in detail how an exposure assessment is to be created in the future. Among other points, the
assessment is to cover how and in what quantity persons and the environment come into contact with a substance.

The exposure assessment is part of a chemical safety assessment. The data can be used to
determine if use of a chemical poses a risk for persons and the environment.

German exports to China continue to increase. According to statistics (German only) of the
German Chemical Industry Association (Verband der Chemischen Industrie, VCI) sales of
chemicals and pharmaceuticals grew from €710 million in 2010 to €1.710 billion in 2016. In the
area of chemicals, sales grew from €583 million to €1.331 billion. Increasing demand is particularly evident in petrochemicals and specialty chemicals. These factors make it even more important to ensure the marketability of products in the Chinese market.

In particular, we would like to invite you to our Chemical Compliance Day on April 12, where we have been able to schedule a speaker who is an official representative of a Chinese governmental agency. You can learn firsthand the Chinese requirements for safety data sheets, the registration of chemicals, and so on.

If you have questions about labeling requirements in China, the creation of safety data sheets, or the registration of new chemicals, please contact us at

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