China: New Information Platform for Hazardous Chemicals

China‘s National Registration Centre for Chemicals (NRCC) has launched a new, integrated information platform (in Chinese). The platform enables companies to search for registrants of hazardous chemicals and the products they have registered.

The test phase runs until October 2019. According to remarks made by the NRCC to Chemical Watch, the new platform should be fully functional after that date. So far, it is unknown if the platform will operate in Chinese only or in English as well.

The platform offers information on

  • The classification of chemicals listed in the catalog of hazardous substances
  • GHS classifications and characteristics
  • Policies and regulations
  • Technical support services for accidents
  • Accident reports
  • Training videos in Chinese

Users can search for:

  • English substance names
  • Chinese substance names
  • CAS numbers

Manufacturers and importers of hazardous chemicals must register the substances with the NRCC according to State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) Regulation 53. The SAWS Regulation supplements Decree 591, which applies to the manufacture, storage, use, and marketing of substances considered highly poisonous.

Note: SAWS was renamed the Ministry of Emergency Management (MEM) in 2018.

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