ECHA Enhances Its Notification Portal for Hazardous Chemicals

The ECHA has just provided companies with a system-to-system (S2S) tool that simplifies work with dossiers in the IUCLID-compatible PCN format. As an example, companies can now create dossiers in their own software system. Thanks to the new tool, they are then automatically transmitted to the ECHA portal and then redirected to the responsible national agencies. 

Those who wish to use the service should first determine if the responsible agencies will also accept the format, which is the case in Germany and Estonia. Companies interested in the service must contact the ECHA before their first use. The ECHA will then check connectivity and establish access.   

The ECHA Web site supports companies in their attempt to fulfill the requirements of Annex VIII of the CLP RegulationThe Annex obligates importers and downstream users who market hazardous mixtures within the EU to inform the responsible agencies in the member states. The agencies then make the information available in poison centers so that medical advice can be offered quickly in emergencies.  

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