ECHA: Many SVHC Not Covered by Legal Regulation

The ECHA has found seven substances on the Substitute It Now (SIN) List by ChemSec that are neither covered by legal regulations nor inspected by government agencies, even though they might be hazardous to health and the environment.

The substances include:

  • CAS Number EC-401-500-5: (methylenebis(4,1-phenylenazo(1-(3-(dimethylamino)propyl) -1,2-dihydro-6- hydroxy-4-methyl-2-oxopyridine-5,3-diyl))) -1,1′-dipyridinium dichloride dihydrochloride
  • CAS Number EC-432-750-3: o-hexyl-N-ethoxy carbonylthiocarbamate
  • CAS Number 68391-11-7: pyridine, alkyl derivatives
  • CAS Number 68411-07-4: copper lead resorcylate salicylate complex
  • CAS Number 93763-87-2: slags, lead-zinc smelting
  • CAS Number 99328-50-4: nitric acid, barium salt, reaction products with ammonia, chromic acid (H2CrO4) diammonium salt and copper(2+) dinitrate, calcined
  • CAS Number 78-87-5: 1,2-dichloropropane (propylene dichloride)

The ECHA wants to consider appropriate measures together with individual countries.

The SIN List is a database create by ChemSec, a Swedish environmental organization. It currently includes entries for 912 substances that have environmental and health-related characteristics. It was last updated in October 2017.

In mid-November, the ECHA published an analysis of the SIN List that indicated that the EU already regulates 270 of the more than 900 chemicals on the list. About 280 substances are being examined right now, including bisphenol F, which could function as a substitute for bisphenol A because of its similar structure. The background of the analysis is the ambitious SVHC road map of the ECHA, which seeks to identify all SVHC by 2020. The REACH help desk (German only) describes the realization of the road map at the EU level in detail along with the activities of the ECHA.

Select your substitutes for SVHC in good time. If you have questions about the restrictions created by REACH or classification according to the CLP Regulation, contact us at

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