ECHA Publishes 2018-20 CoRAP List

The ECHA has added 16 new candidates to the community rolling action plan (CoRAP) list. Half of them are substances with potential endocrine-disrupting effects. The list currently contains 107 substances.

The CoRAP lists all substances that must be evaluated as part of REACH. It states why the substance is to be evaluated, when the evaluation is to take place, and which country is responsible for the evaluation. Spain and Belgium have each taken responsibility to evaluate one of the newly added substances. Germany and Italy will each evaluate three; Sweden and France will each evaluate four. Some 26 substances will be evaluated next year, 37 in 2019, and 44 in 2020. The list includes Great Britain as a country that is to take responsibility for evaluations. But if the ongoing Brexit negotiations do not come to a consensual agreement, responsibility for ongoing evaluations would have to be redistributed.

The list is especially useful because it contains the results of substance evaluations performed by and decisions made by the member states of the EU. It also indicates if the substance is more likely to be found in REACH Annex XIV (list of all substances that require registration) or in REACH Annex XVII (list of prohibited or restricted substances).

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