ECHA Publishes Compliance Check Candidates

The European Chemicals Agency has published a list of substances that are top candidates for a compliance check in 2015. According to the REACH Regulation, the ECHA must test at least 5% of all the registration dossiers submitted – across all quantities.

The inspectors focus on information related to the protection of human health. They pay special attention to eight central points: genotoxicity, toxicity with repeated application, prenatal developmental toxicity, reproductive toxicity, long-term aquatic toxicity, biological degradation, and biological accumulation. If the substances have the related effects, they are classified as particularly alarming.

The list published by the ECHA is updated a few times a year. We recommend that all registrants keep an eye on the list and check it regularly. Nevertheless, the list is intended only for general orientation and makes no claim to completeness. The ECHA can examine other dossiers at any time.

For registrants, an inspection can result in:

  • If the ECHA determines that the dossier meets all the requirements of REACH, no measures are necessary. But that does not necessarily mean that nothing is missing in the dossier. A later inspection can be triggered at any time.
  • If the ECHA find deficiencies, it transmits a quality monitoring message and asks the registrant to update the dossier accordingly. But this type of message can also be transmitted with a request to clarify certain aspects in the dossier.
  • In case of grave information deficits, the ECHA creates a draft decision that it issues to the registrant with a request for comments.

If you have any questions about the list or related topics, please contact us at any time. We’d be glad to advise you and take care of the required legal conformity in all matters.

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