ECHA Publishes CoRAP List For 2019–21

The ECHA has updated the Community Rolling Action Plan (CoRAP) list. Based on the list, 19 member states of the EU plan to evaluate 100 chemicals in the next three years. The list contains chemicals to be evaluated as part of REACH, which states why a particular chemical is to be evaluated, when the evaluation is to take place, and which country is responsible for the evaluation.

The update plan contains 24 chemicals in addition to those on the previous list, CoRAP 2018–20. The newest additions include three polyfluorinated ethers, HFE-7000, HFE-7100, and HFE-7800 (significant global-warming potential) along with resorcinol (a potential endocrine disruptor).

The 11 member states are to evaluate 31 of the 100 chemicals this year, 44 next year, and the remaining 25 in 2021.

The list is updated annually, so that some entries may be removed when studies indicate that the original suspicions of a hazard are unfounded. Other reasons for removal include the presence of the chemical in a risk management process and a registrant’s decision to stop manufacturing the chemical. However, in the most common cases the evaluation causes the member states to reclassify the chemical, identify it as a SVHC, and limit its use accordingly.

That’s why it’s important for users to stay on top of current developments. The list provides the first indication that a substance will appear in Annex XIV (list of all chemicals requiring authorization) or Annex XVII (list of forbidden substances or those limited to specific uses) of REACH.

Should one of your registered substances be included on the CoRAP list and you may need any support, please contact

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