ECHA: Three of Every Four REACH Dossiers Are Faulty

Last year, the ECHA evaluated 484 registrations (compliance checks and testing proposals) and determined that information was missing in three of every four of the dossiers examined. That’s the finding of an ECHA report published at the end of February.
Overall, the examiners evaluated 286 dossiers. In 211 cases, it asked the registrants to supply additional information. The ECHA also published 379 decision drafts, which included 211 compliance checks and 168 testing proposals. Which registrations were subject to compliance checks was determined by the potential hazard posed by each chemical.

In a press release and in light of the issues uncovered, Björn Hansen, the executive director of the ECHA, called for more vigorous efforts to ensure that the data meets legal requirements. He appealed to the ECHA and to member states to accelerate the assessment process. For their part, companies should consider their registrations as business cards. The dossiers are an investment in a sustainable future, he says.

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