EU Amends Article 9 of the Waste Framework Directive

The EU parliament has approved an amendment of Article 9 of the Waste Framework Directive. The draft will now be submitted to the EU Council for formal approval. The change to the law is likely to take effect in July.

According to the reformulated Article 9 of the Waste Framework Directive, manufacturers and importers must notify the ECHA of all SVHCs contained in their products. For its part, the ECHA is obligated to make a database available for submission of the information within 18 months after the law takes effect. The database is to be accessible to operators of waste disposal facilities and, upon request, to consumers.

The goal of the revision is to remove SVHC from the materials cycle in the mid to long term. This measure, however, is only part of a complete circular economy package with which the EU stimulate the circular economy.

According to the ECHA, the database will create the foundation for fair competition, given that products imported into the EU must follow the same notification requirements as those manufactured in the EU.

For an understanding of the relationship between REACH and the Waste Framework Directive, see REACH und Recycling (German only), published by the Federal Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. For a good overview of the EU’s circular economy see the response (German only) of the German government to a brief inquiry raised by BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN.

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