EU Commission Restricts Use of NMP

The EU Commission is restricting the use of a solvent, N-Methyl-pyrrolidone (NMP). The WTO has published the related proposal. According to the proposal, the substance may no longer be marketed unless the companies responsible update the registration dossiers to the new DNEL values that apply to inhalation of and skin contact with NMP. The DNEL (derived no-effect level) values are thresholds to protect people at the workplace and are a fixed component of the chemical safety report. Unless the values are exceeded, most studies show no danger to health of those exposed to NMP.

As soon as the law takes effect, the substance will be listed in Annex XVII of REACH. You can find a current list (as of June 13, 2017) of all substances subject to limited application and use here.

NMP is a solvent for resins in the microelectronics and pharmaceutical industries and in pesticides, inks, glues, and plastics. For example, the brown liquid is an important part of lacquers in the automobile industry. The substance serves to roughen the polymer substrate of plastic parts and helps the lacquer adhere better.

For other important information on the substance, see the monograph on NMP (German only).

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