EU Ecolabel: New Criteria for Cleaning Products

Companies that want to use the EU Ecolabel on their products will have to deal with new criteria as of June. That’s the decision made by the European Union Ecolabelling Board (EUEB) at its meeting in March. In June of last year, the member states had already agreed to stronger specifications for cleaning products. In part, the specifications require that the products involved:

  • May not contain any microplastics
  • May not contain any fragrances that are listed in hazard category H412 (harmful to aquatic organisms, with long-term effects)
  • May contain only the maximum required dose of preservatives
  • May contain palm oil, palm kernel oil, and derivates of both that come from sustainable plantations, if the products are declared as biobased
  • Are exempted from further packaging requirements if the packaging consists of at least 80% recycled material

The EU has published an overview of the individual product groups affected by the decision. As of June 12, companies that want to use the Ecolabel have 19 months to meet the new criteria.

Please read also the interview with Kristine Dorosko, Policy Officer Sustainable Production, Products and Consumption for the European Commission relating to the new challenges facing the industry, when it comes to labelling.

Until recently, only a few laundry detergents and cleaning products carried the EU Ecolabel. The seal of approval was created in 1992 by the European Commission and is recognized in all 28 EU member states, Norway, Switzerland, and Turkey.

Manufacturers, importers, service providers, and dealers can apply for the EU Ecolabel from national agencies. In Germany, RAL gGmbH (German only) inspects incoming applications and, when approved, signs a Label Use Contract with the applicants. Detailed information on the EU Ecolabel is available at the German Web site.

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