Guidelines for Non-Intentionally Added Substances

The Food Packaging Forum (FPF) has published a dossier that provides information on the sources, risk evaluations, and legal regulations related to non-intentionally added substances (NIAS). Such substances are chemical compounds that are present in a material (food products, for example) but that were not intentionally added during the production process for a technical or production-related reason. NIAS might include polymer molecules from packaging materials or breakdown products from additives. This can occur during the manufacturing process, storage, or when in contact with food products.

Because these kinds of substances develop only over time, the consumer is unaware of their presence and concentration. For the manufacturer, however, the compounds represent a safety risk.

The EU factors the presence of NIAS into its law. According to Regulation EC 1935/2004, Art.3 and Regulation EU 10/2011, Art. 19, the manufacturer must ensure that product safety is guaranteed at all times.

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