K-REACH Obligations Include Downstream User and Sellers

South Korea has amended K-REACH, its chemicals law. The change was approved by Parliament on April 13 and takes effect on October 14. The changes in the law mean that from now on, downstream users and sellers can be fined when they bring non-registered substances to market. Before the change, only manufacturers and importers were subject to fines in such cases. 

The amendment (in Korean) empowers the South Korean Ministry of Environment (MoE) to prohibit the import, use, and sale of non-registered chemicals. If downstream users add such a chemical to their own product, they are required to recall it. If they do not, they face the possibility of severe sanctions that will be defined shortly.    

The amended law further authorizes the MoE to demand import and export documents related to specific chemical substances from responsible agencies, such as customs authorities, so that the Ministry can determine adherence to registration and notification requirements.  

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