K-REACH: South Korean Ministry of Environment Provides Data on Existing Substances

The Web site of the South Korean Ministry of Environment (MoE) now provides data on existing substances to companies. The information includes data on physical and chemical properties and on the hazards to human health and the environment that a substance poses. The underlying list of chemicals is to be expanded and updated monthly.

The information system (only in Korean) has been in operation since January, and the Ministry hopes that it will simplify substance registration of small and midsize companies.

The system links to data source and informs users whether data is accessible to the public, if it is available without charge, and so on. Nevertheless, the Ministry emphasizes that original data is required for registration. A reference to the information system is not enough. Instead, manufacturers and importers must agree with the owners of the data on its use and cost.

For more information, please see our blog entry on the registration deadlines that apply in South Korea.

We have worked with our partners in South Korea for years. We can handle the preregistration and registration of chemicals and maintain the marketability of your products. If you import products into South Korea, please contact us at reach@kft.de

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