KFT Expands Its Academy

KFT is expanding its training portfolio and enlarging its facilities at its location in Darmstadt-Griesheim. “Based on the increasing demand for training and information, we decided to expand our square footage,” says Dr. Karl-Franz Torges, managing director of KFT. The premium service provider for matters related to chemical compliance now has two additional training rooms available for use.

Companies’ increasing need for information is grounded in the forecasts of Chemical Watch. The information service provider assumes that more and more companies need the support of a service provider to fulfill the complex legal requirements of chemical management. The need is for the short term, given next year’s deadline for REACH registration is a key driver of corporate needs. The law requires that all substances manufactured in or imported into the EU in quantities of one ton or more per year must be registered by June 1, 2018. Failure to do so can result in a halt of production or import and endanger a company’s stocks.

“We have adjusted to the increased need and are expanding our training program in stages. The expansion not only applies to the scope of the offering, but also to training itself, which we continue to develop,” explains Torges.

For example, trainees can use what they have learned directly on a laptop and become familiar with IUCLID and Chesar live under the guidance of instructors. Because the scope of requirements has increased continuously, KFT also offers seminars tailored to individual clients. And some important supplemental information: KFT offers participants a guarantee that all sessions will be held, which means that companies can schedule with security. Visit our academy online at www.kft-academy.com.

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