Marketplace for Safe Chemicals

A Swedish environmental organization, ChemSec, has created the Marketplace site as a platform for companies to find safe and environmentally friendly alternatives for hazardous chemicals now in use and to do so quickly and without red tape. We covered plans for the site in our blog entry eBay for Chemicals – Finding Safe Alternatives.

Manufacturers of the alternative chemicals can use the platform to advertise their products without any obligation. That’s a big help for many companies, most which are aware of the problematic materials in their products but have no alternatives. That’s the finding of ChemSec’s executive director, Anne-Sofie Andersson, given in a statement about the launch of Marketplace. ChemSec has truly created a win–win situation with the new site. The manufacturers of safe alternatives profit by creating awareness of their products, and those looking for alternatives benefit as well. ChemSec brings both parties together.

Chemical companies like Chemours, Clariant, and Valspar already use the portal to showcase their products. Chemours used it to introduce Zelan R3, an alternative for Teflon. Clariant and Valspar highlighted replacements for brominated flame retardants and epoxy polymers.

For those looking for more information, the site offers a helpful Q&A list. For example, SUBSPORT – The Substitution Support Portal shows how companies can derive profit from use of alternatives.

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