Over Two-Thirds of REACH Dossiers Not Compliant

About 70% of the REACH dossiers that have been examined show gaps in the data, some of them
significant. The warning comes from the authors of the Progress Report 2017: Evaluation Under REACH. The evaluation includes summarized data from the past ten years.

According to the report, 69% of the 1,350 dossiers examined for quantities over 1,000 tons and 77% of those for quantities between 100 and 1,000 tons have data gaps.

By the end of last year, the ECHA requested missing information 2,586 times. The missing data covered:

  • Targeted human health hazards: 955 (37%)
  • Ecotoxicity and fate: 662 (26%)
  • Substance identification: 420 (16%)
  • Chemical safety reporting quality: 367 (14%)
  • Physico-chemical properties: 178 (7%)

For Björn Hansen, the director of the ECHA, these figures mean that the group must continue along the chosen path to evaluate dossiers. It must uncover gaps in data and request missing data when waivers cannot be accepted. Hansen continues to count on the good collaboration from all EU states. He is concerned that most of the dossiers have not been updated at all since they were initially submitted.

In the report, the authors provide registrants with a variety of recommendations (Chapter 5). Take a look at the Information on the ECHA-Website and the ECHA press release on the publication of the report.

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