Plans for Reaching the Goals of the EU Green Deal by 2050

At the end of January, the EU published its Transition Pathway for the Chemical Industry, a plan that includes 150 measures the chemicals industry can take to reach the goals of the Green Deal by 2050. Jointed developed by the EU Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW); industry associations; EU agencies; and non-governmental organizations, the strategy includes and outline of the path to a “toxic-free” environment. For example, one goal would ensure that toxic chemicals that are prohibited in the EU are not manufactured there for export to other countries.

More effective legislation represents another goal. Existing laws should be harmonized in view of a functional circular economy within the context of revisions of REACH and the CLP Regulation. The exact schedule is laid out on pages 55ff.

Plans also call for simplifying that flow of data between the EU and individual national agencies and to use the principles of transparency that already apply to foodstuffs to other areas of chemicals legislation.

So far, the next steps are only suggestions. One option is a plenary meeting at which participants report on the progress made in implementing that plan. They could also define which measures are crucial and should be taken quickly. Working groups on important topics are also a possibility.

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