Polymer Analysis

EU experts have published a study that examines various options for the registration of polymers. They studied the approaches to registration in various countries, including Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zeeland, China, and South Korea.
One approach organizes polymers into groups and registers the groups. Another option would classify polymers according to their risk potential. For polymers of low concern (PLC) – those with a low level of potential risk – three possibilities were identified:

  • Registration is required, but the manufacturer must provide a notification proving that the substance has a low level of potential risk.
  • Neither registration nor proof of a low level of risk is required, but the manufacturer must store documentation on the polymer and report the quantities produced each year.
  • Polymers must be registered, but those with a low level of potential risk do not require as much information as those with a high level of potential risk.

The results of the study will become part of the REACH report that will be published this year. Registration obligation for polymers may be one of the results of the study.
The registration of polymers is complex, as well as the REACH obligations for polymer manufacturers and -importers.

If you need any help, please contact Dr. Nicolas Heidrich (06155-86829-18; reach@kft.de)

You can download the study here.

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