Quality of REACH Dossiers Questioned

Up to 80% of all toxicity studies by financially independent scientists and institutes are not taken into account in REACH Dossiers. This situation calls the quality of the dossiers into question, said Tony Tweedale at “REACH and Beyond – Challenges and Options for Improvements,” a conference held at the end of October in Brussels.

According to Annex 1 of the REACH Regulation, all important data from toxicity studies must be included in the evaluation. However, only studies that meet the requirements of the CLP and OECD standards must be included. And not all published studies meet those requirements, as noted by Erwin Annys, REACH Director at CEFIC. However, he also admitted that safety factors and their limits are evaluated differently in individual studies.

Please provide legal certainty for your products in any case. If you need support for creating legally compliant dossiers or registrations, please contact us under reach@kft.de.

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