Regulatory Radar System

The automobile industry is planning a global monitoring system for chemical regulations. Hyundai’s Environmental Affairs Manager, Timo Unger, introduced the plans at a Chemical Watch event held in October in Brussels. The plan calls for finding a service provider by the end of the year who can set up a global database that contains all chemicals laws and directives across the globe. The provider must also update the database on an ongoing basis and estimate the effects of new laws on the automobile industry.

The regulatory radar would primarily serve small and midsize companies outside the European Union as a tool for orientation and decision-making. According to Unger, many leaders of such companies are unfamiliar with EU regulations. A database would help and encourage such companies to act sustainably. For example, if they knew that DEHP is forbidden in the EU, they would probably not use the substance and turn to an innovative product to replace it, says Unger.

The service provider should begin work at the start of 2016. In the long term, however, an intergovernmental institution like the OECD or the UN should take over the monitoring functions.

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