REACH 2018 – The First Step: Identify your substances

It’s still a long way to May 31, 2018. By that date, the law requires that all substances manufactured in or imported into the EU in quantities greater than one ton per year per manufacturer or importer must be registered. But registration takes time. The path to successful marketing authorization is composed of various sections that we will introduce in our blog posts over the next few weeks.

Before a substance can be registered, its identity must be clear. That is, the first task is to identify the substance as part of a defined procedure. Risks can be evaluated reliably only if the identity of a substance is known. Moreover, an exact identification makes it possible to determine if experimental data on the substance is already available. Companies can then use the data and information in concert when they join substance information exchange forums (SIEF). This approach avoids animal experiments and lowers costs.

Guidance for identification and naming of substances under REACH and CLP helps manufacturers and importers capture and report the identity of a substance within the context of REACH and CLP. The document also explains all the important terminology.

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