REACH-EN-FORCE-14: EU Inspectors to Check Air Fresheners and E-Cigarettes

As part of its next REACH-EN-FORCE project (REF-14), the ECHA plans to check the correct classification, labeling, and child-resistance of air fresheners and e-cigarettes to determine their conformity with the CLP Regulation. Inspections are expected to start in 2026. The ECHA Enforcement Forum made this decision at its meeting in mid-June.

In addition to legally compliant classification, labeling, and packaging, the inspectors will also examine the notifications to poison centers and the safety data sheets of the mixtures.

The ECHA attaches particular importance to the project because CLP checks were already carried out during an earlier enforcement project (REF-6) and the inspectors found an average of 40 percent of products to be non-compliant.

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