REACH Revision: Comments Permitted Until April 15

The EU Commission has started a public consultation on its REACH revision plans, as delineated in the press release it published. Stakeholders are invited to submit comments up to April 15.  

The REACH revisions that have been announced are explosive. The plans include stricter requirements for data, expansion of usage restrictions, comprehensive regulation of complete chemical categories, and turning away from risk-based chemical regulation for hazardous substances.  

Specifically, the plans call for:  

  • Expanded data requirements for registration needs: Safe use of hazardous substances should be documented more completely, and certain polymers will need to be registered. 
  • Faster and simpler communication along the supply chain: Electronic exchange of safety data sheets should be improved. 
  • Revocation option for registration numbers when the registrations are incorrect or incomplete.  
  • Revision of enforcement provisions, including stricter border controls.  
  • Reform of authorization and restriction processes: The evaluation of substances should move away from a risk-based approach to a hazard-based approach. Prohibition of substances would then be based solely on the intrinsic properties of the substances.  
  • Introduction of mixture assessment factors (MAF): Scientists hope that these kinds of parameters will help them form better estimates of the risks posed by mixtures. Background: Substances can reinforce each other in their effect.   

The EU Commission hope to submit draft legislation by the end of the year.  

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