Safety Notes for Dangerous Goods Updated

The CLP regulation requires that substances and mixtures that are to be classified as dangerous according to Regulation (EG) No. 1272/2008 (CLP) must be legally defined with specific labels. The labels must include a pictogram, other elements, and a country-specific hazard statement – to indicate precaution. Highly specific statements that have been agreed upon internationally as listed in Appendix IV Part 1 of the CLP regulation.

Up to now, the German translation of the hazard statements did not correspond to the English originals, which led to misunderstandings. The correction of the German version of the CLP Regulation appeared in the Official Journal of the EU L94, Jg. 58, page 9. Germany’s Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BauA) made available an information sheet with different versions of the hazard statements and the corresponding comments and references. You can download the document here.

Three of the hazard statements have not been corrected. However, the document informs you of which formulation(s) you can use that is legally valid. If you need further information, please contact us at

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