Saving Time and Costs for Suppliers

Material Compliance will be a challenge for the industry worldwide. Concentrations of restricted or prohibited substances may not exceed certain threshold values in the materials supplied., a centralized, Web-based database, supports subcontractors and their suppliers. It stores their materials data up to date while saving time and costs – in accordance with legal requirements and guidelines such as REACH and RoHS.

Suppliers can manage their information securely in the database and download declarations, conflict materials, and other items in the IPC 1752A industry standard as XML, PDF, and Excel files.

We will gladly support you when setting up access to the database, provide advice, check legal conformity, and create declarations for you. When the need arises to update declarations – in the event of a change in the law, for example – we will update the declaration so that you always meet the requirements of the manufacturer.
For further information about Material Compliance please contact Mr. Karl-Franz Torges (06155-86829-11;

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