SCIP: ECHA Goes Live with the Database at the End of October

At the end of October, the ECHA will go live for companies with its SCIP database. Enterprises can then enter reporting data on substances of very high concern (SVHC) into the database. Manufacturers and importers are mandated to provide such reports for products that they wish to market after January 5, 2021 that contain SVHC in a concentration of 0.1% or more by weight. The requirement is legislated in Article 9, Section 1, Letter i of the updated EU Waste Directive.

Of course, corporations and representatives of industry had called upon the EU to extend the deadline because they have only two months left in which to meet the requirement. But in an informational letter, the ECHA emphasizes that there are no pressing reasons for a postponement and reiterates the need for companies to meet their reporting requirements.

The reporting requirement is based on a committee recommendation and the report of the Committee on Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety (BT-Drs. 19/22612: German only) in the newly enacted § 16f of the chemicals law (ChemG).

The ECHA is sponsoring a Web seminar on November 19. Companies will learn practical tips on how to complete their reports. They will also be able to listen to experts and ask questions.

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