Sweden: Cases of Poisonings from E-Cigarettes Increase

The Swedish Poison Information Center (Swedish only) reports an increase in cases of poisoning from e-cigarettes. According to the Swedish supervisory authority for chemicals, KEMI, even children have been affected in some cases. They are poisoned by drinking the fluid in e-cigarettes.

In 2018, the center was contacted more than 60 times for such cases. The press release (Swedish only) issued by the agency notes that even small amounts of e-liquid can result in life-threatening symptoms – cramping, respiratory problems, and circulatory issues – when swallowed.

KEMI inspector Inger Cederberg advises users to check child-proof containers. The skin and eyes should never come into contact with the liquid. Users should pay particular attention to childproof caps on containers. Skin and eyes should never come into contact with the fluid.

At KFT, we offer companies an emergency number service through our partners Chemtrec and Giftinformationszentrum Nord (GIZ). We would be pleased to provide you with personal information about the details of the service. Please contact us under emergency@kft.de.

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