Taiwan Modifies Its Chemicals Law

At the beginning of November, the Executive Yuan of the Republic of China (Taiwan) approved a package of modifications to the Taiwanese chemicals law, Toxic Chemical Substance Control Act. The new draft will not be submitted to the legislature.

According to Premier Lin Chuan, the measures should help Taiwan align its chemicals law with the United Nation’s framework agreement for a global chemicals strategy, the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM).

The current changes to the law now also take substances of concern into account. The regulation places them into Class IV to avoid their spread into the environment. The shift in focus – from regulation to inspection and control – is evident in the new name of the law, which will now be known as the Toxic and Chemical Substances of Concern Control Act.

The measure taken with the law is part of a reform program (five rings of food safety) that the Taiwanese government wants to use to reestablish public trust in agricultural products.

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