Taiwan: New Reporting Requirements for Hazardous Chemicals Apply as of April 2022

Companies that import hazardous chemicals into Taiwan, use them in Taiwan, or supply them to others in the country must comply with updated reporting requirements after April 1, 2022. For the currently 1,148 priority management chemicals (PMCs), the following will apply:

  • New classification categories
  • New concentration threshold values
  • New tonnage bands

The Ministry of Labor (MoL) published the updated regulation on February 14 in the Official Gazette (only in Chinese).

The Taiwanese Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) obligates companies whose employees deal with PMCs to report on them to the MoL. The Act also specifies how companies are to label PMCs. In addition, the safety data sheets for the PMCs must align with the requirements of the UN’s GHS Rev. 4.

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