Titanium Dioxide: EU Parliament Rejects Objection to Classification

On January 29, the European Parliament voted against the motion of the European Conservatives and Reformists’ (ECR) party. The vote was clear: Only 177 supported the measure, 434 opposed it, and 39 abstained. The ECR objection was a last-minute attempt to block the classification of titanium dioxide as possibly carcinogenic. The scrutiny period ended on February 4.

Accordingly, nothing stands in the way of publishing the fourteenth adaptation to technical and scientificprogress (ATP) in the Official Journal of the EU Commission. The annexes are also being modified accordingly. The Regulation goes into effect twenty days after publication. After an 18-month transition period, it must be implemented.

The EU decision to classify powered titanium dioxide as “possibly carcinogenic upon inhalation” has gone through a tough battle. See our blog entry:EU Commission Agrees to Classify Titanium Dioxide as “Possibly Carcinogenic”.

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