Turkey: New Regulation on Toy Safety

As of April 4, a new Regulation on Toy Safety (in Turkish) applies in Turkey. The regulation is a mirror image of the requirements of the EU Directive of 2009.

The new regulation defines a significant decrease in the metal contained in toys. And the number of metals with limitations was increased from 8 (in the 2013 regulation) to 19. New entries on the list include aluminum, tin, copper, zinc, and nickel. In the future, individual classes of toy will be defined. For example, the limit for lead is set lower (3.4 mg/kg) for water toys than it is for toys that do not come into contact with water (dry toys: 13.5 mg/kg).

The strict thresholds for toys intended for children under the age of three is also new. For these toys, the limit for Bisphenol A (BPA) is set to 0.1 mg/l and to 5 mg/kg for TCEP, TCPP, and TDCP (flame retardants that contain phosphorous). As recently as June of last year, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency published a study on the danger of this group of substances in toys.

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