Turkey: Training for KKDIK Experts Starts

KKDIK, the Turkish REACH law, takes effect on December 23, although not enough experts are available yet to handle chemical assessments. Candidates need to overcome some rather significant obstacles to attain the required expertise, which is defined in Annex 18 of the KKDIK Regulation.

According to the Annex, only those who have worked for ten years at the ministry as experts in chemicals management or who have a certificate that has been recognized by an official agency (Turkish Accreditation Institution: TÜRKAK) are allowed to train trainers.

Classes continue at the start of 2018. Successful completion of the class requires correct answers to 70% of the questions. Part 5 of the Annex defines the topics that are to be examined and how they are weighted. Our partner, CRAD, has been able to engage Haydar Hazer of the Turkish Environmental Ministry as a trainer and offers eight one-day courses for up to 20 persons.

We have been successfully supporting companies that operate in the Turkish market for several years. Please contact us with any questions: sds@kft.de.

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