Turkish REACH to Arrive in Summer

“We expect publication of the Turkish REACH regulation in summer,” says Melih Babayigit, general director of CRAD, a Turkish chemical compliance service provider, at the KFT Info Day on May 11 in Darmstadt. The new law (abbreviated as KKDIK in Turkish) has already been signed by the minister of the environment and was sent to the office of the Turkish prime minister a few weeks ago. As soon as the prime minister gives the green light, the law will be published in the official journal and take effect six months later. KKDIK will then apply in full and replace three previous laws that had previously been in effect:

  • Chemical Inventory and Control Regulation (CICR 27092)
  • Regulation on Restrictions for the Manufacture, Marketing and Use of Certain Dangerous Substances & Preparations (27092)
  • SDS Regulation (29204)


The new law consists of 12 titles, 66 articles, and 17 annexes – for a total of 405 pages. “I get a lot of questions about an English translation of the correct version, but that would not make a lot of sense. About 95% of the new law is identical to REACH. In other words, the entire regulation was translated almost one-to-one into Turkish, says Babayigit. But KKDID does not include Articles X–XIII of REACH because those articles relate to the ECHA and the classification and labeling of substances. Those considerations are irrelevant for Turkey, where the ECHA plays no role and the 28848 SEA Regulation has played an analogous role since December 11, 2013.

It should be noted that all safety data sheets must be created by a certified employee in Turkish. Chemical names must also be given in Turkish, especially for substances listed in Annex VI of the SEA Regulation.

Data entry and transmission in Turkey occurs over the KKS system, which is similar to the system used for REACH. However, KKS features less functionality – it is missing a bulk registration utility, for example.

Any companies affected by the law must consider the deadlines it defines. If it appears, as expected, in summer, manufacturers or importers who want to market a substance in a quantity greater than one ton before December 31, 2020 must have it preregistered between January 2018 and December 31, 2020. After December 31, 2023, substances must be registered before they can be marketed. You can also find information on the deadlines in an article by Melih Babyigit in the current issue of Turkchem Magazine.

You can also download the following presentations given by Melih Babayigit:

Chemical Control Regulation in Turkey – Notification & Registration Schemes

Product Registration & Notification Regulations – Biocidal Products and Detergents

We have worked very successfully with our Turkish partner CRAD for several years. If you operate in the Turkish market, please contact us at sds@kft.de.

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