Vietnam: New Chemicals Law Coming in September

The new Vietnamese chemicals law will likely take effect in September, replacing the regulations that have been in effect since 2007. The new law contains a total of 8 chapters and 39 articles.

One important component of the law is a new inventory list with chemicals. It also requires companies to collaborate on a National Chemicals Inventory and defines new registration requirements for substances.

Four lists are appended to the law, covering the following categories for substances:

  • Manufacture linked to conditions
  • Limited application and use
  • Prohibited
  • Subject to declaration

The Vietnamese Ministry for Industry and Trade (MoIT) revised the list in March. It includes all substances currently on the market in Vietnam. Substances that are not listed will be declared as new substances and subjected to regulatory requirements.

The draft of the law is now with the secretariat of the World Trade Organization (WTO). A WTO agreement on technical barriers to trade (TBT agreement) that was negotiated in the Uruguay Round and that went into effect on January 1, 1995 requires all WTO members to allow other members to look at planned technical regulations.

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