Who are we?

We, KFT Chemieservice GmbH, started out as a family business in 1995 and, to this day, the entire KFT team still applies the same principle: To offer our customers and partners quality, competence, safety and reliability. We put the focus firmly on people and the environment. We make a significant contribution to the protection of human and environmental health by providing the professional and appropriate support necessary to comply with current laws, regulations and directives.

Our name stands for the highest degree of quality, reliability and service. As a conscientious service provider, we ensure that you unfailingly comply with the requirements of chemicals legislation relevant to your company. With this 360° approach, we take over the burden of responsibility, so that you can concentrate exclusively on your bottom line. The quality of our services is based on 20 years of expert knowledge and on the permanent training and further education of our employees, whose competence and motivation is a cornerstone when it comes to fulfilling our quality objectives.

This responsibility also translates into the active support we give to socials issues within the company and beyond.

Social responsibility

Since 2015, we have been a signatory to the Diversity Charter, a corporate initiative to promote diversity and an unprejudiced working environment. We provide all employees*, regardless of gender, nationality, religion, ethnic origin or world view, disability, sexual orientation, age and identity, with a successful and respectful working environment.

Our certificate


Since 2014, we have been one of the sponsors of the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship at Darmstadt Technical University. Each year, we support three chemistry students selected by the Department of Chemistry at Darmstadt Technical University. It is important to us that we get to know the students personally and can give them an insight into our company. This support is particularly important to us, as we are firm believers in encouraging prospective specialists and investing in their future.

Beyond that...

Together with our partner Herzen für eine neue Welt e.V., we make an important contribution to improving the living conditions of the rural population and especially of the children in the high Andes of Peru. We are committed to improving education, environmental protection, healthcare and infrastructure. We also set out to achieve gender equality. With all these measures, we want to pave the way for a sustainable life. Instead of investing in expensive Christmas or promotional gifts, in doing so we are investing in the future of Peru’s children.