What kind of registration?

Depending on the role of the company, different registrations must be performed. It must first be determined whether the substance is to be registered pursuant to

  • Article 10 of the REACH Regulation as a substance (full registration) or Article 18 of the REACH Regulation as a transported, isolated intermediate product.
  • If the registration is to be performed as a Lead Registrant or as a co-registrant?
  • If it is a phase-insubstance or a new substance?
  • Within which tonnage band should the registration be performed?
  • Is a PPORD notification (notification for product and process-oriented research and Development) sufficient?

The scope, time frame and costs of registration depend on the answers given to these questions.

In case of registration as lead registrant or when registering a new substance, i.e. in cases where a dossier has to be compiled and chemical safety reporting is necessary, we determine, in a preliminary project the approximate cost and the required amount of time. In a second step, we then perform the registration, including the compilation of the dossier and the chemical safety report.

In all other cases we offer you the registration on the basis of a fixed price. The service also covers all necessary steps, from identification of the lead registrant or SIEF Manager over purchase of the Letter of Access (LoA) to the dossier compilation and submission.

We can advise you or present the different possibilities in your company or through a web conference.