REACH dossier compilation and data management

The registration of a substance under REACH requires expertise and project management experience.

  • The substance must be clearly identified and described analytically.
  • The data available for the substance must be determined and evaluated (data gap analysis).
  • Missing studies must be commissioned and the conduct of the studies must be supervised.
  • For the compilation of the study we work exclusively with certified laboratories!
  • The data holder must be determined and negotiations for the use of the data performed.
  • Studies need to be assessed and evaluated
  • Study contents must be incorporated into the IUCLID dossier
  • A summary assessment of the substance data must be performed.
  • The dossier must be checked for completeness and plausibility and submitted to the ECHA.

For the whole process you can turn to KFT Chemieservice and its experienced team.
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