Various regulations require a company to provide a representative for the respective legal area. As a rule, this person is responsible for monitoring and supporting compliance with legal requirements and for instructing all employees involved in the company.

If you are involved in the transport of dangerous goods, you require a dangerous goods officer (pursuant to the ADR 1.8.3 or Dangerous Goods Officer Ordinance). This does not have to be someone from inside the company, as an external dangerous goods officer can also be appointed.

For the placing of certain hazardous substances on the German market, a qualified person must be appointed in accordance with the Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance. This can also be an external person, provided that you do not transfer this responsibility to private persons.

We can provide your company with both the hazardous goods officer and the qualified person according to the Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance.

Please feel free to contact us to clarify your obligations and for an offer of cooperation in these areas.