A company adviser

Once a company is involved in the transport of hazardous materials and is subject to obligations as a participant in the hazardous materials regulation relating to roads, rail and inland waterways or in the Maritime Hazardous Materials Regulation, it must appoint at least one safety officer. The safety officer takes on the primary responsibility of the operator or owner of an establishment to seek ways and means and to arrange for measures that facilitate compliance with the regulations on the carriage of hazardous materials for each carrier. They have no authority but are rather a “consultant” of the entrepreneur.

His primary responsibilities include:

  • monitoring all operations associated with the handling of hazardous materials transport,
  • immediate notification of defects/faults that may affect the safety of the transport of hazardous materials to the operator/owner of the company
  • The provision of advice to the company on all issues related to hazardous materials transport,
  • establishing records on the monitoring activity, that are be kept for five years and presented to the competent surveillance authorities for review as and when required,
  • the preparation of an annual report,
  • the compilation of an accident report in the event of a serious accident when transporting hazardous materials.

To perform these tasks, an external safety adviser can be appointed. A safety adviser must be in possession of a valid certificate of training for the carrier in question. KFT Chemieservice has been providing safety advisers to many businesses for nearly 20 years. As our safety officers have also worked for many years in companies of the chemical industry and trade, we have first-hand experience of the demands.

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