Special product groups

For certain product groups, there are specific requirements for the disclosure of information in the supply chain or even to authorities.

For some product groups, these additional requirements partly apply in addition to the basic regulations for hazardous substances. For example, both biocides and detergents must be classified and labelled in accordance with the CLP Regulation and, depending on the classification, an SDS must also be prepared. However, there are further requirement. Biocidal products, biocides produced in situ and treated goods are also subject to the Biocidal Products Regulation (EC) No 528/2012. This contains requirements for hazard communication for the products concerned with regard to labels, instructions for use and advertising.

There are also specific regulations for detergents in the Detergents Regulation (EC) No 648/2004, e.g. for the labelling of products and the provision of information on the Internet.

Other product groups are excluded from REACH and CLP and completely regulated by specific regulations. This is the case for cosmetic products, which must comply with the rules of the Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009. Here, too, there are requirements in the areas of labelling and advertising.

We can help you classify your products and determine the applicable legal requirements, as well as implement the respective requirements, giving you the reassurance you need that your products are marketed in a legally compliant manner.