KKDIK - Turkey REACH regulation

                                            Pre-registration ends in: 


We check for you whether your substances need to be registered and take over the task of pre-registration to ensure your marketing.

The Turkish analogue to the European REACH Regulation came into effect on December 23, 2017.

The pre-registration ends on December 31, 2020. All substances or mixtures over one tonne per year (as imported or manufactured) must then be pre-registered in order to be marketed in accordance with the law. If your company is not based in Turkey, you can hire an Only Representative (OR) from KFT.

What happens after this deadline?

All substances that are not pre-registered as of 2021 must be registered immediately. In case of non-compliance, the import may be refused and a fine may be imposed. We therefore recommend that you take action now.

We take care of your responsibilities and undertake the:

  • Examination of derogations for your substances
  • Re-registration or participation in an existing registration by means of data sharing (purchase of a LoA)
  • Examination of the need for a Chemical Safety Report (CSR)
  • Verification of the legal conformity of your safety data sheets

We will be happy to advise you or to present the different options in
to your company or via a web conference.