REACH is not over yet

You have just entered the market, have founded a company or are only now faced with the challenges of REACH. You may also have entrusted new managers with REACH-relevant tasks or suddenly new questions have arisen regarding authorisation or restriction.

  • You are still unsure what strategy you should choose when you register your substances.
  • Should I join a consortium, should I take an active role in a SIEF, should I take on the role of lead registrant, should I register any earlier than necessary?
  • Should I worry about the authorisation or should I perform a substitution.
  • You have a god offer from abroad for the marketing of a new substance. What does this imply in terms of time and money? What should I do and when?

These are questions that we are happy to discuss with you and for which we will draw up new solutions with you. As part of our services, we offer strategic and operational advice to deal with REACH. This advice may relate to internal structures, but it may also include questions relating to the supply chain.

We advise you either on a project basis or permanently. You provide us with a specific question or tell us about a recent challenge. We compile an appropriate and practical and cost-effective solution. But you can also book consulting time with us. We are pleased to advise you “on demand”. Find out about all the possibilities.