Our Partners

Giftinformationszentrum Nord (North Poison centre)

Our partner for the emergency number in your safety data sheet. Take advantage of our framework agreement. We automatically provide the safety data sheets and metadata to the National Poisons Information Centre, if you so wish. In doing so, you are meeting a legal requirement. If necessary, this emergency number can be extended to other European countries.

International emergency number

Our US-American partner for the international emergency number is Chemtrec. Numerous countries, including the USA and Canada, prescribe an emergency number for the transport of dangerous goods. This number must appear in every safety data sheet (Regulation 1907/2006/EC) thus ensuring 24-hour availability. It means that experts can immediately advise callers about measures to be taken in the event of poisoning and/or transport accidents. The number provided by Chemtrec applies to substances placed on the market worldwide.

LAUS GmbH (laboratory tests)

Laus provides us with unbureaucratic and competent answers to our questions on studies, study design and study evaluation. If we need to draw up studies on behalf of our customers in areas such as hazardous substances, REACH, biocide products, etc., we have found a competent partner in the firm Laus. Of course, when commissioned with a study, we also compare offers from other providers.

Tradas (translations)

The documents we produce are always needed in the language of the destination country. Tradas supports us with the translation of these texts into all languages world-wide. To guarantee a constant high quality, we make a point of always working with a specific translator in each language. Tradas has many translators under contract, who also translate legal texts in the field of hazardous materials and hazardous substances for the European Commission.

LISAM Systems

LISAM has become a global provider of Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) solutions and supports over 800 customers with locations in Asia, Europe and America. With your EXESS software solution, we sometimes prepare our safety data sheets and support LISAM in the improvement and further development of your system.

KCL (protective glove tests)

The supervisory authorities complain regularly about the quality of the tested safety data sheets. A recurring criticism is the absence of any indication to the glove materials, penetration times and material thickness. Through a partnership with KCL GmbH , it is possible to provide you with this information for your fabrics. All you need to do is provide us with a sample of your fabric.

KTR - Korean Testing and Research Institute (Asia/Pacific judicial area)

The Asian region is witnessing a very dynamic development in the field of Chemical Compliance. KTR is our partner when it comes to legal requirements in this region.

CRAD (Turkey legal area)

Safety Data Sheets for Turkey must be certified. To do so, the certifying person must acquire a corresponding Turkish authentication. CRAD is our partner for the certification of our Turkish safety data sheets. Our partner can also handle matters concerning the registration of substances in Turkey (REACH Turkey).

Chemical Inspection and Regulation Service

CIRS is our partner for the emergency number in China. For chemical products classified as hazardous, China GHS requirements require a 24-hour emergency phone number for SDSs and labels so that experts can advise callers in the event of an accident.