You have a legal obligation!

We check and manage your supplier safety data sheets for these reasons:

There is a legal obligation to provide the customer with up-to-date SDS, unsolicited and free of charge. Many suppliers do not meet this obligation. For many customers, the new supplier safety data sheets disappear undetected down in the depths of the archive.

When compiling or updating/maintaining your safety data sheets, you and we are often faced with supplier safety data sheets that are:

  • incomplete
  • implausible
  • outdated

This leads to incorrect or out-of-date safety data sheets for our customers and to frequent and therefore time-consuming and in turn needlessly expensive expenditure for our customers. This additional burden that also affects us leads to very long compilation times for the SDS of our customers

Our KFT Control & Care solution

We check and manage your supplier safety data sheets:

  • We keep up one-off or regular contact with your suppliers and ask for the latest safety data sheets
  • We check the plausibility and completeness of the supplier SDS and discuss the matter with your suppliers
  • We manage the supplier SDS in our management system ChemDoc24 so as to guarantee comprehensive documentation and permanent access by our customers

Do you want a one-stop-shop and do not want to or, often, are unable to grapple with your suppliers. We are happy to assist. Ask us for more information on

This service is also available if you do not have us compile the SDS on your behalf.

The archiving of this information is required by law in REACH.