REACH Only Representative pursuant to Article 8

A company with its head office outside the European Community that manufactures a substance or a substance in preparations or in articles, formulates a mixture or produces an article that is imported into the European Community may appoint a representative established in the Community.  

(REACH-Regulations Article 8)

This allows Only representative to fulfil the obligations of the importers. The normal business and normal business relations, as well as the delivery, billing and product responsibility between the foreign manufacturer or formulator and the importer shall remain unaffected. The sole change to the importer is that it does not have to register the imported substances of the non-EU manufacturer. It becomes, within the meaning of the REACH regulation, a downstream user and can import without preconditions from your business in the non-EU countries. New customers or importers can import your substances instantly without large investments or costs. Inform us about the new importer, we do the rest.

You can appoint us as your Only representatives pursuant to article 8 (REACH).

We support your importers, and if required, also perform their registration as a lead registrant or co-registrant in SIEF, and thus secure the marketability of your products in Europe. We are also available to your importers should they have any questions about REACH. We see it as our duty and obligation to provide the managed importers with a legally-compliant extended safety data sheet (eSDS ) in the respective national language.