EU Proposes Modifications of the Detergents Regulation

At the end of April, the EU published proposed modifications of the Detergents Regulation. Manufacturers and/or importers of substances or mixtures used in cleaning agents and detergents should note the following changes:

  • According to the revised Regulation, products can be labeled digitally in the future, but certain information must continue to be available in traditional forms. Dosage instructions for refill packages are an example of what must remain in conventional form.
  • The Regulation now contains new safety requirements and labeling obligations for cleaning and washing agents that contain microorganisms.
  • Furthermore, every cleaning and washing agent will require a product passport in the future. Such a passport makes it easy to inspect the import of products at the external borders of the EU. Products that do not conform to EU requirements therefore remain excluded from the internal EU market.

The new Regulation also simplifies things by removing some requirements, such as the obligation to:

  • Provide a data sheet on the ingredients of hazardous detergents
  • Allow only specific, approved laboratories to inspect substances
  • Require manufacturers of washing and cleaning agents to be headquartered in the EU

In the next step, the European Parliament and the European Council must approve the Commission’s proposal.

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