Chile About to Implement GHS

The Chilean environmental and health ministries have approved a draft regulation for the classification, labeling, and notification of chemicals and mixtures.

The approval implements the UN’s Global Harmonized System (GHS) and creates a transition period to align labeling and safety data sheets with the UN system.

The announcement on October 26 (only in Spanish) indicates that the notification and evaluation of chemicals will be handled much as they are in the EU. Companies that manufacture hazardous chemicals must notify the appropriate agency about the exact substance involved and about how and in what quantity it is used.

As soon as the final draft is approved, it will appear in Chile’s official journal.

Latin American countries are moving forward with GHS these days. Mexico implemented the law on October 9. Columbia introduced GHS in August. Both countries are responding to the demand of the OECD that all member states implement GHS in their national law.

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